Let’s clear up some sloppy logic real quick.

Alan Grayson, former Florida congressman, wrote an article over at Common Dreams: “Job Creators”: Luntz Strikes Again (cross-posted to the Huffington Post).  In it, he outlines a number of “key-words” or “code-words” or “propaganda” that Frank Luntz, a political consultant & pollster, has come up with as “desireable” for the GOP constituency to use.

That’s all fine & good – I always appreciate “propaganda” or “code-words” being called out for what they are.  Like “new revenues” as code for “tax increase”, amongst a plethora of others used by Grayson’s party.  But I digress.

The article meanders some a lot – but it really trips the red-face test down near the end (emphasis added):

But here’s the really sad thing about Luntz’s propaganda. Like most propaganda, it’s just not true.
FACT: In the last ten years, the population of the United States has grown by 27 million people.
FACT: There are one million fewer private sector jobs in America today than there were ten years ago.
So much for job creation. In fact, judging by employment, if the private sector were an employee, we’d have to fire him. For incompetence.

Now, let’s back-up and examine Mr. Luntz’s statement, as-quoted by Mr. Grayson, in his clever discovery of the presumed genesis of the use of the (allegedly) false term “job creators” in modern political vernacular:

You don’t create jobs by making life difficult for job creators.

Is it just me, or does Mr. Grayson’s cited facts seem to help bear out Mr. Luntz’s assertion?  Per the Heritage Foundation’s analysis of GAO and OMB data, the total number of regulations as well as cost of regulations have risen markedly over the recent years – thereby “making life difficult for job creators” – and per Mr. Grayson’s facts, we have fewer jobs nowadays.  Congratulations, Mr. Grayson – you seem to have just supported, if not proven, Mr. Luntz’s assertion as correct.  But nevermind.  We’ll leave that for now.

How else, exactly, is Mr. Luntz’s “propaganda” un-true?  Are we to assume that if Mr. Luntz’s statement concerning “job creators” is false, as asserted by Mr. Grayson, then the inverse of the statement must be true?  So, then, Mr. Grayson would presumably agree with the statement  ”You create jobs by making life difficult for job creators”?  Really?

No, no – I’m sure Mr. Grayson didn’t literally mean that – I’m sure he was intending to imply that “greedy, soulless multinational corporations who don’t give a damn about you” are not “job creators,” and that saying otherwise is what is false about Mr. Luntz’s statement.  Fine – except those were Mr. Grayson’s words, not Mr. Luntz’s words.  Oops.  I’m still missing what is un-true about what Luntz said, asserted, or implied.

However, let’s go one further, and give Mr. Grayson some poetic license – let us indeed assume that it is patently false that these evil corporations create jobs.  Very well – according to the OECD, small and medium-sized enterprises “make up over 95 per cent of enterprises and account for 60 to 70 per cent of jobs in most OECD countries” (albeit slightly less in the US).  So even if we accept the supposition that corporations don’t produce jobs - they’re not responsible for most of the jobs anyway.  If Luntz was speaking of “job creators” – then 95% of the companies and 60-70% of the jobs he is referring to are not “greedy, soulless multinational corporations” – they’re small and medium-sized enterprises.  So how has he violated the Mr. Grayson’s fundamental assumption that corporations don’t produce jobs?

So let’s re-cap:

  • Mr. Grayson’s facts, taken with other facts around regulation number and cost, seem to support Mr. Luntz’s statement
  • When Mr. Luntz’s statement is inverted, it sounds… well… asinine.
  • Mr. Luntz never said corporations are the only (or even “majority”)  job creators, which is what Mr. Grayson has otherwise implied was false.
  • Data supports that most jobs are not those in large, multinational corporations anyway

I guess if we were to ask Mr. Grayson who job creators are, if they’re not who… he thinks Mr. Luntz said they are - he’d tell us the Federal government, with all those shovel-ready jobs – But I’ve massacred enough fish in this barrel, so I’m going to stop.

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