[AT&T / T-Mobile]Well, AT&T has stepped back from it’s bid for T-Mobile, amid tremendous pressure from the executive branch of the US government – specifically, the Department of Justice and the FCC.  Presumably, according to the DOJ, it would have lead to “higher prices and reduced innovation”.

Would it, though?  Specifically – what about the regional or smaller carriers?  MetroPCS, Boost Mobile, Cricket Wireless, …?  Shoot – there’s 180 of them!  How many of you subscribers to “the big 4″ wireless carriers knew that?  If the combined AT&T/T-Mobile raised their customer’s prices, and innovated less – might have one of those other carriers have been able to better-attract the disgruntled customers?

In the author’s opinion – MetroPCS, and the like, provide a pretty good value proposition, at $50-$60/month for unlimited voice and data – especially when compared to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint’s prices.  However, perhaps not as many customers consider them, since “they’re not big”, or “they’re not nationwide”, or “they’re pre-paid”, or “they don’t have the iPhone” – might those customers think twice about some of those reasons, if they were facing higher prices, reduced innovation, reduced service – ad infinitum – from the combined giant of AT&T/T-Mobile?  Then, might those new customers have enabled one of these smaller players to grow and legitimately compete with the larger players, driving prices down for all, across the industry?

Guess we’ll never know, since we certainly can’t just let freedom drive such things in America and “find out” – and our government knows better than millions of consumers making up their own mind, anyway – it will simply remain that which is not seen.  You’ll never even know you might have had a choice.  Insidious, eh?

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