At the CNN/Tea Party Express debate on September 12th, there was a question posed to Ron Paul on healthcare, and it’s ensuing response has taken on a life of it’s own.  President Obama even offered a critique of “conservative values” he derived from the episode at a recent fundraiser: “You’ve got audiences cheering at the prospect of [...]

Let’s start with the episode that inspired me to quit thinking about this site, and to actually “do it”.  Specifically, Elizabeth Warren (2012 Democratic Senate candidate in Massachusetts) giving a seemingly-impromptu speech that has become a favorite of the progressive/left to rally for “fair taxation” as of late – See the section “Elizabeth Warren on Fair [...]


Welcome to Eschewing Obfuscation. This is an endeavor of part personal amusement or “outlet”, and part (small) effort to “change the world” – to help people think clearly, critically & simply about the issues of the day. Topics will vary, but likely be “mostly” political, with a dash of business, technology, and other amusing things [...]